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Emigreen® for integrated emission control solutions

Emigreen® produces solutions, not products. Integrated emission control solutions driven by the customer’s requirements. This is where Emigreen® stands out from the crowd; it is the customer’s requirements that dictate the solution, not the products from any particular supplier. Customer requirements are many and varied, ranging from the need to meet statutory regulations, through the need to stop soot blemishing the brilliant white deck of a luxury yacht to the need to fit the solution into an awkward space. However, whatever the requirement, the Emigreen® solution is always highly reliable, highly controllable and highly efficient.

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Record After Treatment Systems Lifespan

Record After-Treatment Systems Lifespan Emigreen’s exhaust gas after-treatment systems have broken all records. Recently, the system they installed in the Anda, a barge from the Netherlands, passed the historic 30,000-hour limit. Using the same technology and... Read more

Emigreen® is Performance

Emigreen® is Performance

Emigreen® is Performance

Emigreen® is Performance

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