Emigreen®, part of the Super Yacht Paviljoen at Metstrade
17, 18 & 19 November 2015.


THE ENTHUSIASM OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT EMIGREEN IS STRIKING. THE INHERENT NATURE OF THE BUSINESS MEANS THAT EVERYONE IS FOCUSED ON IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION. THE leader of the team, Niko Dalpis, is a real pioneer. He is a practical and visionary engineer, driven by the opportunities that guarantee emission reductions. The Emigreen motto is therefore: ‘For the sake of our environment’.

Passion and Performance

The innovative working method is accompanied by a large dose of reliability. “Because however important it is to innovate in the emission reduction market, it is even more important to guarantee safety and continuity”, according to Paul Tilmans, who is responsible for Sales & Business Development at Emigreen. He enthusiastically talks about the passion with which developments are devised, tested and applied. “Our advanced soot filter technology is an excellent example of this. The Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) in combination with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the answer to a greener environment and quality. The Emigreen systems are subjected to the most extensive testing and must meet the highest standards. The use of innovative burner technology and state-of-the-art controller systems have resulted in extremely reliable systems where the number of faults have been reduced to the absolute minimum. ‘Reliability’ is a fundamental criterion; our systems provide top performance for the long term.”

Science on the Water Emigreen forms the bridge between science and the maritime sector. It is one of the leading innovators in the area of DPF and SCR. Numerous vessels, including a large number of super yachts, are already in service with Emigreen systems on-board. The hazardous emissions from each of these vessels are now so low that they easily meet the EU Stage IV standards. The successes that Emigreen has booked in the last fifteen years concern aftertreatment in a wide range of projects. A prestigious project that Emigreen worked on was the 99-metre long Feadship that was completed in 2013. It also worked on an illustrious 60m+ charter yacht that has operated for 15,000 hours. Moreover… the largest sailing yacht in the world – Project X – is equipped with advanced Emigreen technology. Tilmans explained how extraordinary it is to work on this project: “It is conformation of our capabilities. We stand for innovation and reliability; these qualities are recognised with our participation in this project and that is something we are extremely proud of. We are looking forward to the first sea trials!”

Research and Development

To continue to achieve our goal requires massive investments to be made in Research & Development. Both in financial and human terms. Emigreen employs creative engineers with a nose for innovation. In addition to the experienced staff, the new generation of technical talent is also represented. Under the leadership of Dalpis, the young employees are taught the tricks of the trade and they in turn supply new ideas and knowledge. The work is carried out in a multi-disciplinary way, where it is not so much the products but more the total solution that plays a leading role. We continually think about new, pioneering features that add value to the solution. For instance, there are systems that can be tracked and operated throughout the world via an internet connection. The systems are equipped with among other things OBD: On Board Diagnostics that show that the system is active and that it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. These developments ensure greater flexibility in maintenance and service. Customised purity Tilmans: “Efficient, reliable and controllable: these are the properties that characterise the Emigreen systems. Our designs are always customised and we primarily respond to the wishes and requirements of the customer, to which we add the appropriate technology. Here, comfort, clean shipping and sustainability play the determining role and result in attractive, customised solutions that require the minimum of maintenance. It is extraordinary to be part of an organisation that pursues ‘purity’, in the widest sense of the word… Emigreen is looking forward to the future.”

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